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Elizabeth, Emma & Harry | Portrait Session | London

June 3, 2011

I photographed Lisa and Paul’s fantastic 10th wedding anniversary party at The Bingham back in February and had a great time with them and all their guests. So I was thrilled when Lisa got in touch to arrange another photo shoot. This time a family shoot.

Lisa’s sister is over from Australia with her new baby, Harry, so it was the perfect opportunity to get some nice family shots before they go back to Oz.

When I arrived at Lisa and Paul’s house, Harry was taking a nap, and I didn’t want to disturb him from that, so I focused on Lisa and Paul’s beautiful daughters Elizabeth and Emma. Perfect! The two girls are such fun and great entertainment! They have so much energy and enthusiasm! We got some great images of the two sisters playing, blowing bubbles, laughing in the garden, messing around in the ball pit….I challenged Elizabeth to see if she could hit me with a ball- that girl is a great shot!! We also got some great shots of the girls playing in the coloured tunnel, seeing who could get through fastest, throwing balls down the tunnel…..and eventually Elizabeth wearing the tunnel! Great fun! I love my job!

Harry eventually woke from his long nap and he showed me his striking bright blue eyes! I’ve never seen anything like them! I predict that he will dazzle a few ladies with those eyes in the coming years! I got some great images of Harry (and his eyes) and some of him with his mum and then with his cousins Elizabeth and Emma.

All in all, a fantastic family shoot. The kids were brilliant fun and I think you’ll agree, they make great models!

We attempted to do a group photograph (last image) but Emma wasn’t playing ball! Although I think Emma’s expression adds to the mood of image – great fun!

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  1. chris permalink
    June 3, 2011 14:18

    gorgeousness in the reardon brand 🙂 love the font colouring too

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