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Lisa & Paul’s 10 Year Anniversary | The Bingham, Richmond, Surrey

March 31, 2011


Lisa and Paul sure know how to throw a party and this was a rather special celebration!! Lisa and Paul were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. I knew this party was going to be an absolute blast the moment I met Lisa and Paul at their lovely home a few weeks before the party….and I was right!

This was my first time at The Bingham in Richmond, Surrey having heard a lot about the place and it sure lived up to the hype!! It is a luxury hotel nestled on the banks of the river, conveniently located just a stones throw from Richmond High Street.

We managed to squeeze a Photo booth into a tiny corner of the conservatory, waited for the alcohol to take effect and Lisa and Paul’s guest did the rest! Lisa and Paul bought along a Nebukadnezza of Champagne, which was kept from their wedding day, 10 years ago.

The cute little box that features in the photos below was given to each of Lisa and Paul’s guests and contained a very special reading and a lucky 4 leaf clover charm.

By the way, Lisa and Paul are fellow black and white photograph lovers. They have such good taste 🙂

Congratulations once again Lisa and Paul on reaching such a milestone!

Thanks also to Charlie for being the eyes in the back of my head 🙂


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